When you want it to last

We became very well known in the Western Australian ornamental plant market for our high quality plants and the variety of colours available throughout the year.

Our wide range of products including African Violet, Begonia Elatior, Chrysanthemum, Cyclamen, Mini Rose, New Guinea Impatien, Oriental Lilium, Asiatic Lilium, Tulip, Iris, Zygo Cactus and everyone's favourite at Christmas, Poinsettia, is unrivalled.  

We also grow a variety of other high-end décor plants such as Bromeliad, Anthurium, and Phalaenopsis which are very popular as they are well known for their elegance and longevity.

In more recent times, our product range has grown to include highly sought-after products such as Adenium, HibisQs Flamenco, Hydrangea, Mandevilla, Begonia Beleaf, and Begonia Betulia.

We pride ourselves on our service, quality and variety of products and are constantly searching for new and exciting lines to bring to our clients.  Our products can be purchased through Supermarket Chains, Hardware Stores, Garden Centres and your local Florist in Western Australia.