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Opting to purchase quality Flora Plant products means you are opting for a supplier that produces the best plants and offers excellent advice via this web site not just a small plastic label. A reliable plant source that together with you lays the foundation for top product performance. In an effort to compliment our range of high quality flourishing indoor pot plants we felt we needed to add these tropical foliage plants.

Calatheas are said to be the most attractive foliage plant on the market for tropical garden and indoor plant lovers. These are also known as Zebra plants they have insignificant flowers, but their leaves are very attractive and large. Their height may range from 6 inches to 3 feet tall. The foliage varies in colour; some have rose, yellow, olive or white leaves. C. insignis for example has wavy-edged leaves that grow up to 18 inches long. The top of the leaf is pale green with blotches of dark green and the underside is dark maroon.

As a compliment to our top Fx flowering range these are just the thing for an indoor garden filler or a tropical garden

Feature & Fact

They have been around for years but you cannot look past the fact that these truly are a diverse and stunning foliage plant. Calatheas are native to Brazil and tropical America as with much of our top shelf range. The attraction is the many different varieties and patterns available and the relatively easy care factor of these plants. When you are looking for a simple indoor easy care plant with an almost fake surreal appearance then you cannot go past this collection.

Beware there are other Calathea available on the market today, but you can be sure when you purchase one of our products you are investing years of experience, development and expertise and that the best products available have been selected for you.


A minimum winter temperature of 10 degrees is required; they are best protected from extreme conditions. Remembering these are a ground dwelling jungle plant they do not like direct sunlight. A well draining soil is best kept moist at all times and they do benefit from a mist spray once or twice a week. Fertilize these lightly before spring through to summer.

Calathea perform best when temperatures and humidity is kept uniform. They should also be kept well clear for heating or cooling vents and high air flow areas. It is best to acclimatize the product after being in the home and slowly get it used to outdoor conditions using slow steps like placing them under the Patio for a week or so before placing into the garden. If the plant is not performing use the information above and put yourself in the plants positions. By doing this you will more then likely ascertain the problem.

We hope you enjoy this product and that the background of the plant and information provided has been helpful.


The above information is intended as a general guide only. Flora Plant has exercised all reasonable care and skill in compiling this leaflet. If you have purchased our African Violets we thank you and believe you have made a great and wise plant selection.

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