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Opting to purchase quality Flora Plant products means you are opting for a supplier that produces the best plants and offers excellent information and advice via this web site not just a small plastic label. A reliable plant source that together with you lays the foundation for top product performance. Flora Plant has been producing Chrysanthemum for the past 15 years and has a great knowledge of these plants.

It was one of the first crops the family business professionalized in and was the first crop planted when we built our modern facility back in 1994. This facility allowed us to produce top quality Chrysanthemum, Kalanchoe and Poinsettia using what was at the time “unique” a fully automated “blackout” area allowing us to produce these crops 52 weeks of the year.

Since then we have strived to keep bringing you top quality Chrysanthemums and the latest varieties available through our great experience and expertise. Sourcing stock from around the world from many different breeders we endeavor to keep bringing you the latest colours in an effort to keep this old favorite evolving and stimulating. With our long and close relationships established over many years with key suppliers and with the collaboration from our clients we strive to bring you the best range in Perth. Ideal for a Mothers Day gift and or as splash of color around the house or garden these plants are very robust and brighten up any area

Feature & Fact

Chrysanthemum come form the Greek “krus-anthemom” meaning gold flower however nowadays they come in all colors. Family relatives include Chamomile, Tansy, Marguerite and Matricaria. “Mums” come in all shapes and sizes including spider, spoon, decorative, buttons and blooms. Chrysanthemum has been grown by the Chinese for the past 2500 years and is Japans nation flower for the past 1000 years. Japan also has a national festival devoted to the flower (9th Sept). Chrysanthemum also date back in history to before 5000BC in a small yellow form. Fen Shui adherents believe the Chrysanthemum bring laughter and happiness to your home so if your looking to brightening up your house then cheer it up with a splash of color form this old favorite.

Beware there are other Chrysanthemum available on the market today, but you can be sure when you purchase one of our products you are investing years of experience, development and expertise and that the best products available have been selected for you.


We suggest you keep these in the home for a few weeks watering regularly until they look like they need to be replaced. Chrysanthemum should also be kept well clear for heating or cooling vents and high air flow areas within the home and when finished all you need to do is plant them in the garden. To plant them is a simple operation. Just pick a spot in the garden where it gets plenty of sun and the soil is perfectly drained. A little trick is to add some compost and put it in the bottom of the hole and then put a thin layer of soil over this to prevent the roots form burning. When you are planting, just knock the Chrysanthemum out of the pot carefully tickling its roots a little, and plant into the hole. You'll notice there are often a few shoots at the sides of the pot.

These can be removed, and if they've got roots, planted them separately and new plant may grow. Add some more compost on top and these plants will thrive. It is best to acclimatize the product after being in the home and slowly get it used to outdoor conditions using slow steps like placing them under the Patio for a week or so before placing into the garden. Cut them back by half around the end of February and feed them with some slow release fertilizer and you will enjoy a great show at Mothers Day. If the plant is not performing use the information above and put yourself in the plants positions. By doing this you will more then likely ascertain the problem.

We hope you enjoy this product and that the background of the plant and information provided has been helpful.


The above information is intended as a general guide only. Flora Plant has exercised all reasonable care and skill in compiling this leaflet. If you have purchased our African Violets we thank you and believe you have made a great and wise plant selection.

At Flora Plant we strive to distinguish ourselves from other growers and bring you originality, quality, figure and reliability.We supply a great range of top quality, value for money flowering pot plants best recognized by our WINDMILL LOGO on the pot or our name FLORA PLANT printed on the labels.