Dutch Iris

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Feature & Fact

These plants belong to the Genus of between 200-300 species of flowering plants with very showy flowers; it takes its name from the Greek word Rainbow.

These are part of the Iridaceae family and are widely found throughout the Northern temperature regions and have a very diverse range of habitats. They produce long erect flowers stems and long cylindrical shaped leaves. The Dutch Iris is extensively grown as ornamental plants in many gardens. These plants are becoming ever more popular due to there easy care nature and vivid effect in the home of garden. So if you wish to brighten up those cold winter rooms then add some electric blue with these fantastic winter bulbs.

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Iris can be displayed in the home or garden, if these have been used in the home simply plant them outside when the plant has finished flowering. While in the home they should be kept well clear for heating or cooling vents and high air flow areas. These bulbs can be grown in any free draining soil, Iris do not need to be lifted like other bulbs and can be left in the ground form season to season and will re flower.

The bulbs require watering after planting and regular water if there has been no rain, when Iris have bloomed keep them watered and fertilized until they die back and prevent soil from drying out. Nutrient from the leaves will replenish the bulb for next season. Place these in direct sunlight position and watch the fantastic display next season. If the plant is not performing use the information above and put yourself in the plants positions. By doing this you will more then likely ascertain the problem.

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