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Opting to purchase quality Flora Plant products means you are opting for a supplier that produces the best plants and offers excellent information via this web site not just a small plastic label. A reliable plant source that gives you product confidence and performance.  An open mind, fresh ideas, market feeling and experience is what we bring to the you with all our bulb products. Through years of being involved in actively growing bulb products we have gathered considerable experience in all aspects of the trade.

Sourcing bulbs from the world’s best suppliers to bring you top quality and the latest products. Each bulb is hand planted and inspected and other inspections are carried out at the moment of arrival to the nurseries. Our knowledge is our strength and by understanding bulb products our Lilium production has been perfected over many years with our passion for excellence in this field.

Feature & Fact

There are over 100 species in the family of Lilianea and these are originally native to Northern regions of the world. They are commonly adapted to woodland or grassland habitats. From this vast family there are very few adapted to pot cultivation and Flora Plant only grow two types of Liliums the Asiatic and one Oriental. Through years of experimenting different varieties we have found a few of these varieties to be simply the best for Western Australia’s conditions. In the Asiatic range we only produce Orange and Yellow and in the Oriental range we only produce one variety which is a white and pink.

Unlike cut flower production where there is a vast variety available, Liliums in pots are limited in variety although we continue to experiment and try new varieties in an attempt to develop a greater range. Liliums put on a massive display of flowers rising up from a stem of lush narrow green leaves; this attention grabber puts on a massive display of color when in full flower. The Oriental Lilium is your natural air freshener, forget the mechanical versions put an Oriental Lilium in the home and enjoy there beautiful strong scent. A small tip is to remove the stamen from the flowers as the pollen can stain.


These plants make great indoor décor and are an eye catching addition in any room or situation. Lilium should also be kept well clear for heating or cooling vents and high air flow areas. When the flowers have finished the plant will die down in readiness for next season, at this stage it is best to place them outside in the garden and give them a feed. Once the Lilium has completed its life cycle you will enjoy another massive display in your garden next season. Once these have been in the garden they are best left to naturalize once in the ground although they can be lifted if necessary seasonally.

They prefer a well drained soil moist but not to wet and thrive in areas which are cool or semi shaded. These plants are very pest resistant but if pest do appear treat them accordingly. When flowering has finished, top up with fertilizer like a slow release type while the plant dies down this will be stored in the bulb and used to produce next season’s flowers. If the plant is not performing use the information above and put yourself in the plants positions. By doing this you will more then likely ascertain the problem.

We hope you enjoy this product and that the background of the plant and information provided has been helpful.


The above information is intended as a general guide only. Flora Plant has exercised all reasonable care and skill in compiling this leaflet. If you have purchased our African Violets we thank you and believe you have made a great and wise plant selection.

At Flora Plant we strive to distinguish ourselves from other growers and bring you originality, quality, figure and reliability.We supply a great range of top quality, value for money flowering pot plants best recognized by our WINDMILL LOGO on the pot or our name FLORA PLANT printed on the labels.