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Water, Sun, Fertilizer and Flora Plant Roses is your recipe for success in your garden. Our root stock is Dr Huey but instead of being drawn into an argument over root stocks all we claim is that our quality is second to none and in twelve years of producing and selling these as far as we are aware all our customers are satisfied.

With modern irrigation systems, changing tastes and styles and various products now available to enhance garden performance we believe our roses will perform to your satisfaction. Flora Plant has a wide distinguishable product range; and Roses have earned its place as part of the “backbone” to our successful business.
With modern nurseries, well skilled people using modern techniques to produce outstanding quality. Roses represent high consumer value and are one of many traditional plants we produce.

We have spent considerable time selecting our suppliers and optimizing the latest varieties. Tradition is created by skill and enterprise and from this skill and investment in our enterprise we are able to produce this top quality product. Through an open mind, fresh ideas, market feeling and experience we bring you our top quality Roses products. Through years of being involved in actively growing Roses we have gathered considerable experience in all aspects of the trade.

Sourcing the world’s best breeders to bring you top quality, and the latest product.

Feature & Fact

Rose is a flowering shrub of the Genus Rosa, More then 100 species of wild roses exist all from the northern Hemisphere, the name originating from Latin “Rosa”. The leaves of most species are 5-15cm long, pinnate with leaflets and basal stipules. The majority is deciduous but a few are evergreen or nearly so. Valued for its beauty the Greeks and Romans identified the rose with there Goddess of love. Roses are an age old favorite and is still one of the worlds best selling flowers and pot plants. Associated with romance and passion through out the ages Roses are the perfect gifts for loved ones. After many years of producing roses we offer and excellent range of the top selling varieties and pride ourselves on the quality we produce.

You can be sure when you purchase one of our products you are investing years of experience, development and expertise and that the best products available have been selected for you.


Do not be fooled by there delicate appearances as these plants are very hardy. All rose regardless of root stocks are classed as very water efficient garden plants in Western Australia. These plants can go with out water for long period but to ensure top product performance regular watering and feeding is advised.

A good way to insure you are choosing the right variety is to walk your local area and observe what roses and varieties are in your area this will indicate which roses will perform for you.
Best time to plant our roses is from October to April this is when you will see strong growth and root development. We prune year round to produce salable products but in the home situation we recommend that when the flowers have expired to tip prune around an inch back from the flower to encourage new shoots and to build a larger head. Traditionally winter is the pruning season and very hard pruning at this time necessitates heavy feeding to help the rose grow. We prune after the shortest day in June to ensure good growth when the day length start to extend. Trails conducted over many years prove that the more foliage a rose carries the better its performance. Rose is pruned for two reasons to keep them in bound and to make them flower.

Roses should be fed, mulched and deadheaded and any suckers that may be produced by the root stock should be removed. There are many thoughts on how to prune a rose properly so I will provide you with this bit of information an experiment conducted on cut flowers rose shrubs in Europe between hand prune strategically, deadhead pruning and hedge trimmer found that the hedge trimmer actually produced the best re-growth, we do however recommend hand pruning cutting the stem on an angle to prevent moister sitting on the tip and removing all dead wood. As with all garden plant roses can be attacked by diseases, the best prevention is to ensure that routine maintenance and feeding as mentioned is up kept and a healthy bush is always present. The two most common diseases are Black spot and Powdery Mildew these are best taken care of by a good rose fungicide and remember sometimes prevention is better then cure.

Common pest are Aphids, Spider Mite, Thrips and Caterpillars, use Rose pesticides for these problems and always read the label and use only as directed on the label.

We hope you enjoy this product and that the background of the plant and information provided has been helpful.


The above information is intended as a general guide only. Flora Plant has exercised all reasonable care and skill in compiling this leaflet. If you have purchased our African Violets we thank you and believe you have made a great and wise plant selection.

At Flora Plant we strive to distinguish ourselves from other growers and bring you originality, quality, figure and reliability.We supply a great range of top quality, value for money flowering pot plants best recognized by our WINDMILL LOGO on the pot or our name FLORA PLANT printed on the labels.