Zygo Cactus

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Flora Plant is continuously looking for possibilities to expand our product range and create new business.We have been investing in our enterprise in the pursuit of excellence and through many years of trialing different breeder’s varieties we believe we have found the best Zygo Cactus for you. We strive to keep innovating and creating even with older more common plants like the Zygo Cactus through our experience and passion we bring you these first class favorites.

We bet one of your relatives has had one for years as these old favorites defy trends and never go out of fashion

Feature & Fact

Zygo Cactus is common name for Schlumbergera spp and Rhipsalidopis spp and is native to Southeast Brazil. The attraction is the many different varieties available and the relatively easy care factor of these plants. When you are looking for a simple outdoor easy care hanging plant with an almost fake surreal appearance then you cannot go past this collection. There are other Zygo’s available on the market, but you can be sure when you purchase one of our products you are investing years of experience, development and expertise and that the best products available have been selected for you.


Zygo are forest dwellers and enjoy shady positions with morning sun. Soil should consist of peat and sand and be kept moist at all times except after flowering where it needs to be reduced until spring. Fertilize regularly with liquid feed, and when repotting shake off old soil and plant into fresh soil. These plants will flower naturally in short days and with cooler temperatures.

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