African Violets

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Flora Plant has a wide distinguishable product range; and after a two year absence African Violets (Saintpaulia) will earn its place as part of the “backbone” to our successful business.

In our modern nurseries well skilled people are using the latest in plant technology to produce outstanding quality. African Violets represent high consumer value and are one of many traditional plants we produce.

We have spent considerable time selecting form the world’s best breeders and optimizing the latest varieties. Tradition is created by skill and enterprise and from this skill and investment in our enterprise we are able to produce this top quality product.

Through an open mind, fresh ideas, market feeling and experience we bring you our top quality African violet products 52 weeks of the year. Through years of being involved in actively growing African Violets we have gathered considerable experience in all aspects of the trade. Sourcing the world’s best breeders to bring you top quality and the latest product.


Feature & Fact

Saintpaulia is a genus of 20 species of herbaceous perennials flowering plants in the family Gesneriaceae native to Tanzania, parts of Kenya and Africa. These plants are closely related to Streptocarpus and Gloxinia which we also produce.

The name African Violet is somewhat confusing and was named after its resemblance to true Violets the “Viola”. The genus was named after Walter von Saint Paul who discovered the plant in Tanganyika (Tanzania) in Africa in 1892. These plants grow to 6-15cm tall and can reach 6-30cm wide, there leaves are round and oval with fine hairs and fleshy texture. From the center comes a cluster of flowers in a range of colors including white, pinks and purples. Great as windowsill plants these add a good display of colour to any room


Originating from the Africa these plants thrive on warm humid conditions. Strong but indirect sunlight with an optimum temperature of around 21 degrees Celsius suits them best. Humidity is also best kept at 60-70% but the plant will tolerate more human conditions of around 50-60%. Watering should be done 2-3 times a week in spring and summer and 1-2 times a week in winter. Fertilizer should be ¼ diluted and can be given around every 3rd to 4th watering. Saintpaulia should also be kept well clear for heating or cooling vents and high air flow areas. If the plant is not performing use the information above and put yourself in the plants positions. By doing this you will more then likely ascertain the problem. We hope you enjoy this product and that the background of the plant and information provided has been helpful.


The above information is intended as a general guide only. Flora Plant has exercised all reasonable care and skill in compiling this leaflet. If you have purchased our African Violets we thank you and believe you have made a great and wise plant selection.

At Flora Plant we strive to distinguish ourselves from other growers and bring you originality, quality, figure and reliability.We supply a great range of top quality, value for money flowering pot plants best recognized by our WINDMILL LOGO on the pot or our name FLORA PLANT printed on the labels.